Six Month Smiles











 6 Month Braces* from £1450- Free Cosmetic Consultation

*Six Month Braces is a system name and treatment times may vary from 6 – 9 months and may take longer for more complex cases.


You can now have a new smile from as little as £40.28 pounds per month*!

36 monthly payments at 9.9%APR subject to status, terms and conditions apply.


We offer 6 month smiles – adult cosmetic braces. Dr Afzal was one of the first dentists in the UK to start carrying out this treatment and has now completed hundreds of cases of short term orthodontics. 


A less than straight smile can make people feel low in confidence about their looks and smile. Feeling ashamed of your teeth can affect your whole life, making you less assertive and less likely to feel the confidence to go out, socialise and smile without a care. There are many modern orthodontic solutions to treat misaligned teeth, but many people don’t want to be wearing braces for a number of years. We offer 6 Month Braces as an innovative solution to this issue as they are able to straighten teeth in a matter of months.

Do I Need to Wear Metal Train Track Braces ?

No. With the six month smiles braces the wires and brackets are white (tooth –coloured) brackets and so they are barley visible.

A typical example is shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 14.41.20


How Does 6 Month Smiles Work?

The system utilises special nickel-titanium wires and brackets to move your teeth using constant gentle forces and this causes the teeth to move into their desired position. The system is much quicker than conventional orthodontic treatment or the equivalent treatment with invisible braces because it focuses primarily on moving the teeth that show when you smile.

Does This System Treat All Orthodontic Problems in 6 Months?

Most cases that are suitable for this treatment are completed within 6 months, some may take as little as 5 months and some more complex cases may take up to 7 or 8 months.


Another case is shown below, where this patient had her teeth aligned in 5 months. Following this tooth whitening was carried out and the patient has delighted with her end result.


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 15.19.47